Don’t lose using
Negative Balance

Debt prevention

No losses beyond initial deposit

Resets back to zero Automatically

EMD Broker ensures that your danger is restricted uniquely to the finances you have stored into your record. If it’s not too much trouble note that the negative equilibrium insurance does exclude any obligation installments from the Client. Along these lines, our customers are shielded from misfortunes past their underlying store.

Negative Equilibrium Security

EMD Broker’s main concern is making your exchanging experience incredible by giving negative equilibrium security to every one of our customers: Our danger the board framework guarantees that the customer can’t lose more than he at first contributed. In the event that the equilibrium gets negative because of Stop Out, EMD finance will repay the sum and change the record equilibrium to zero.

Repays the records

Circumstances, when record balance is inclined to getting negative, may happen upon huge efficient occasions, when abrupt market developments radically influence the estimation of resources. Because of high unpredictability and value holes, a client can lose his/her value. EMD finance repays the record equilibrium to zero.